I'll help you with the

Industry side of your Music

so you can focus on just

Rap about it.

Check what I do and let me build a custom plan for your music goals.

🔥 Some dope stuff...

Beats, Licenses, Training for Rappers, Collabs, and more stuff available for you.


Collaboration with

Anno Domini Nation, Legion Beats

& How to Rap Nation.

(Limited time offer)


Visual Artwork designed for

CRUSH, Hip-hop #1 nightclub in Cabo.

30-minute long footage divided into 5 videos.

30-minute long footage divided into 5 videos

So, what can I help you with fam?

Let me know what you want to achieve, and I will build a custom plan

for your music.

🔥 Branding

What do you want people to feel about your swag and to feel through your music?

Your brand is the first step to build an audience, and a big following in social media.

I'll help you with video edting, graphic design, logo, content creation etc. You name it!

🎛 Mixing & Mastering

Some artists think that putting the vocal track on top of a beat is all it takes, but professional Mixing and Mastering is what will make your music to stand out from the rookies.

Let me Mix and Master your songs.

🛠 Custom Beats

Need an Exclusive Beat for your next Single?

Let me send you my catalog link, otherwise send me a message with some song references and I will produce a custom beat from scratch for you (If you dont like it, you don't buy it! but I'm sure you'll ask for more...)

All my clients do.

💿 EP Production

We will work together on your EP one-to-one.

From the Beat selection to the MIx and Master.

From the Song Writing to the Distribution.

🎶 Signature Sound

I'll help you telling your story through your music. One to one we'll be crafting a signature sound that fits your style and message.

💰 Royalties

I'll figure the best strategy for your music to get started collecting royalties.

Download this FREE BOOK to learn how to earn and collect music royalties as an independent Rap artist.

You don't need a Record deal to start making money from your music!

🌎 Music Distribution

Need help to find the best music distributor to put your music out?

I'll help you to to find it and set it up for you.

Need the artwork too?

Lyrical videos for Youtube? Cover design? I got you!

🛒 Beat Store

All beats are free to download at my beatstore so you can try em out and decide if you want to purchase a beat lease later on for an official release.

Click here to find beats:

Why would you like to work with me?

Cooking up on the Maschine with the homies at Point Blank studios London, United Kingdom.

I help Rap artists like you with a custom-made plan of attack depending on what your goals are.

I believe that there is no "one fits all" because every artist has a different skill-set and goal in mind.

Every Artist is different, every artist has a different flow and swag, and so is music.

We will go as far as you want to go, either you want to drop a single, and EP or a whole LP.

Mixing and Mastering, video editing, or artwork design... I'm down!

There are no "small" or 'big" projects, I treat every project with the same dedication and passion.

I know that not every artist has access to the right tools to make their music come to life,

I understand that is easy to lose motivation because your songs never take off and got buried somewhere online, we will avoid that.

I will help you to get the dust off your Youtube channel and Spotify and start releasing

top-quality music and content on a regular basis.

I will put at your fingertips full music production, professional mixing & mastering,

content creation, music distribution, marketing resources, social media kits, and more.

So what do you want me to help you with fam? Hit me!

So, let's make Hip-hop great again...

First, let's chat and put some short-term goals, then I will customize a framework for your music project and a time frame, and whenever you're ready to get started we put our hands on it!

From Beatmaking to songwriting...

From Mixing & Mastering to Music distribution...

We'll go all the way!

So, if you're serious about your music...

Hit me!

I'm Jp, Logic Pro X Certified Producer

& Sound Engineer.

CEO at Plan-P Music


Cabo, Mexico

(+52) 6241925189

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